Discover the Best Way to Raise Your Child

Discover the Best Way to Raise Your Child

We handle child custody law cases in Columbia, SC

Burns Law Firm P.C. practices child custody law in Columbia, South Carolina. Our lead attorney is passionate about representing clients dealing with complex child custody issues. You can trust him to advocate for your child's best interests.

One of the most recent and progressive child custody law changes in South Carolina is abolishing the Tender Years Doctrine. This means that the court will neither award the mother nor the father immediate custody. We'll meet with you and your spouse to determine the best custody arrangement for your child.

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How to establish visitation rights

Every parent has the right to spend time with their child. Our lead attorney in Columbia, South Carolina will explain your child visitation rights to you so you can understand your next steps. Married parents typically share equal responsibility when it comes to their child. If you're an unmarried man trying to establish visitation rights, you must:

  • File for legal paternity
  • Be recognized as the father by law
  • File for visitation rights
  • Address the issue of child support

The law treats child custody and visitation cases as two separate entities. The court can't withhold your visitation rights if you fail to pay child support.

Whether you're a single parent or a married person going through a divorce, you can rely on us to do what's best for your child. Reach out to us today to learn more about establishing child visitation rights in Columbia, South Carolina.